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Ron Wright.

Construction Administrator

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Ron Wright has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public/Business Administration awarded in 1981 and a Master of Arts degree in Business Personnel Management in 1983 from Northeast Missouri State University. He also attended Law School at Oklahoma City School of Law in 1983.

Since 1985, Ron has served as a Construction Manager with the McDonnell Douglass Aerospace Company and the A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company. Ron joined the Capital Development Board as a project manager in 1993.

In 1995, Ron became a Unit Manager with responsibility for 17 project managers and technical specialists responsible for 250 projects located in Central and Southern Illinois valued at $750,000,000.

In 1999, Ron became the Executive Assistant for Program and Analysis for the Construction Division. His duties included preparing executive construction division procedures, programming support, auditing review, and training for internal staff as well as external training for Contractors and Architects/Engineers.
In 2002, primary duties also included the review of new methods of design and construction management processes including on line project management software options, green design options nationwide and a state draft protocol, project delivery options and construction unit productivity reporting. Ron also closely coordinates public design and construction management issues with Federal and other State construction management organizations.

In 2006 Ron became the Administrator of Construction, taking on the challenges and opportunities of improving the processes within Construction. Ron currently oversees the design and construction activities of CDB’s project management team which includes 3 Regional Managers, 33 project managers, 3 technical specialists, and 2 administrative assistants, who are responsible for the management of 450 active construction projects statewide valued at $2.2 billion.

Ron has embraced and led the charge for the State of Illinois’ incorporation of the private-sector based project delivery tools, which included crafting the legislation for the Single Prime with Protected Subcontractor and the Illinois Design Build project delivery method as additional, and proven-successful, project delivery methods. He fostered the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to be a state-of-the-art project design software program for CDB. In addition, Ron served on a committee which presented a White Paper to CDB and our Industry partners related to Performance Contracting. During his role as administrator, CDB has closed out 2,700 projects valued at $2.8 billion.

Ron’s goal is to continue to improve the processes within CDB, to establish and maintain open communication with the industry and our Using Agencies.

Professional organizational memberships include being an active member of the National Association of State Facility Administrators, Construction Division of which Ron served as an elected Vice President. He currently serves on the CDB/Industry Advisory Council.

Ron’s management style incorporates careful planning, active implementation, and the progressive use of all resources necessary to complete the job with personnel being our key resource.

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