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Studio Movie Grill Entertainment Complex

210 W. 87th Street

Chicago, IL 60620


Location of the 2019 Construction Industry Conference

This is the 2nd year that the conference is being held at this complex.  It provides an opportunity to incorporate features that will make attendees experiences far different than at any other event of its kind.


The 2019 conference will continue to offer 1st rate learning for attendees,  as our workshops will be held in one of the incredible studios conveniently adorned with large plush chairs with swing back arms, making the learning experience more enjoyable than one could image. 


Presenters information will be optimized on a vibrant multiplex screen.  When coupled with the large stage in the front, the flow of information will be spectacular.

There are a variety of other areas in the complex will add to the entertainment and leisurely networking opportunities for all in attendance.


The large parking area offers free parking for all in attendance while serving as a demonstration area for exhibitors desirous of providing a hands on experience for attendees.

The synergies with CIC's goals of education and enlightenment and helping prepare individuals to operate more effective construction, architecture and engineering businesses, makes this location highly suitable.


Transportation Options

There are multiple options to accommodate your travel to the conference site.



Parking is free, so guests interested in driving can do so with no worries.  This is likely to be the only event of its kind in Chicago that offers no-hassle, free parking.


If you are interested in taking public transportation, you can take the Red Line train to 87th street or the 87th Street bus.  Either way, one need only cross the street and walk 1 1/2 blocks and 'boom' you're there.


With plenty of travel options available to you, you can free your time to spend the day engaging, connecting and learning how to take your business to the next level.


We're looking forward to see you!!

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