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Welcome to the 2023 Construction Industry Conference.

My Story

I will be overjoyed if the words Covid-19 are never uttered again.  While that time in our lives is unforgettable and for all that it took from us, it also brought forth new opportunities for businesses in the building industry.

And yet, these opportunities continue to have far too few minority and women owned building industry firms participating in their construction.

When I started the Construction Industry Conference in 2014, I knew then just as I know today, that the wealth gap for minority and women owned businesses can be reduced with more of these firms becoming players in a real way in the building boom going on across Chicago, the state of Illinois and in cities around the country.  

Yet, the lack of minority firms continues to be exceedingly low.  Evolution takes time, change takes effort and inclusion takes work.  It means that managers must educate themselves on exclusive behaviors and unconscious biases and pass this knowledge to others working in their firms.  It means realizing that barriers are real and that there is enough business for primes to ensure that their partners and their workforce is comprised of diverse and women owned businesses.


It means that minority and women owned businesses must evaluate every opportunity presented to them to determine whether they are fit for the job or whether they need to improve their knowledge and learn more about processes and procedures that are accepted within the commercial sector.


This conference extends the support and learning that we foster throughout the year with our training, mentoring and coaching efforts, all to develop and strengthen diverse and women owned firms' capacity to bid on, win and execute projects.

There has never been a more important time for the construction industry to make diversity and inclusion a priority.

The Workforce Job Fair has been added this year because each of you, whether a prime or sub, is faced with workforce shortages, so you must avail yourself to every opportunity where you can meet potential workers.

So, please join us in helping to create a path for more business for your firm, meet more individuals who can provide contract opportunities and meet those who can become your partners and workers on your upcoming projects. Come and learn about new methods and processes to help you operate a more efficient business and hear about opportunities where you can become a partner.

See you there!!

Suzanne F. Stantley

Founder & Conference Director

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