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Plan to spend the entire day learning about the billions of dollars of construction opportunities in Chicago & Illinois.  Never before have so many opportunities been presented in one single conference.   Come prepared to strike gold! Then learn how to access these rich opportunities, plus  dig up everything you need to know about funding these opportunities, obtaining bonding and much more!!.

A full day devoted to the identification of billions of dollars of construction opportunities presented by some of the largest project owners in the region.


The Conference.

As owners and key managers in the building industry sometimes you feel very isolated.  Whether you're running a job or in pursuit of that next contract, it can be easy to get so focused on the day-to-day tasks required of your busy schedule that you don’t take time to improve your knowledge of the industry, learn about the newest trends or best practices or connect with future business partners.  

Now in its 8th year, the Construction Industry Conference provides a unique experience where ambitious business owners can learn, discover, connect, celebrate and help shape the future of their businesses.  The Conference integrates business operations learnings and business connectivity with personal enrichment seamlessly blended to deliver a business conference unsurpassed in the industry.

This is a place for professionals to experience everything they need to find success – the ideas, the connections and the practical skills.  We do this by combining exceptional business minds with outstanding subject matters to deliver exceptional workshops and training, networking, and facilitation of information on business opportunities.  

It is both inspiring and hands-on learning.


So, whether you’re an annual participant or attending for the first time, you’ll be part of an experience like no other.

Conference Areas.


Opportunities Presentations

Project Owners and Developers will outline upcoming projects and how construction and/or professional services firms can participate on these contracts. 



Private Engagement Sessions (PES)

PES allow attendees to spend one-on-one time with exhibitor representatives away from the exhibit floor. These meetings allow attendees to begin a dialogue for the formation of a future business relationship.



Workshops &


With a focus this year on bringing details on many large construction projects, our workshops will provide information on supportive services that will be  needed to perform on these contracts.  These will include information on how to fund mobilization, identify suppliers that can get you going and identify bonding services.  


Beverage Garden

We've 'juiced' up this conference and added a bit more fun to the experience with the addition of a Beverge Garden. 


Full paid registrants receive tickets to enjoy a time away from the exhibit floor and education sessions.

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Exhibit Floor

Participating companies and organizations distribute literature, promote their organizations.  This is also an opportunity to engage with staff members versed in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) opportunities.


Connection Lounge

An area where attendees meet one-on-one away from the exhibit floor. Schedule meetings, discuss projects, collaborate or strengthen the relationship with a prospect or potential partner.  Access open to all conference attendees.

Conference Areas
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