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We invite and welcome you to participate in the Construction Industry Conference (CIC) November 14, 2023.   Through your Sponsorship, your firm will have an opportunity to benefit from exposure to this interested audience in an informational environment, away from the competition of everyday distractions.

There are several Sponsorship options available to suit a range of marketing needs. We invite you to become a PRESENTING, Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor or anyone of the other levels available.  
You can obtain access to the Sponsorship Package by clicking the links on this page to request the Passcode which will allow you to download the package to your computer.  Or, you can call give me a call at 312-436-0301.  Either way, I look forward to your company’s participation in the 2023 Construction Industry Conference.  I'm sure after you've read our materials, you'll want to have your firm involved.
I look forward to hearing from you and personally meeting you at this year's Construction Industry Conference.
Suzanne F. Stantley
CEO/Conference Director
Request for password

Sponsorship gives your  organization INCREDIBLE exposure to an audience of professionals, including top decision makers in the industry.
Contained in our Sponsorship Presentation are a number of different levels which come with a host of benefits AND options, all of which are presented for your consideration.


2023 CIC Sponsorship cover.jpg
Payment and Guidelines to Register Everyone Working Your Table
If you are a Continental Breakfast Sponsor or Conference Bag Supporter, you can pay your participation fees through the cart at the bottom using our official payment processor, PayPal.  Prices include a small online convenience and processing fee.  Or, you can download the Sponsorship Commitment Agreement and mail your payment to the address provided. All payments must be received before you set up at the conference.
Regardless of your Sponsorship level, every sponsor MUST DO THE FOLLOWING:
  1. ​Complete the Sponsor Commitment Agreement page and EMAIL it to: This is the only way for us to know the details about your organization. There is other important information contained on the form that we will need as we plan the conference.  THIS IS A MUST!!
  2. Go to the top of this page and click the link: "Everyone Registers Here". This means everyone who will work at your table.  Remember you can only have two working the table at any one time. Only two chairs come with your exhibit package.  However, depending on your Sponsorship level, please reach out to the conference coordinator to discuss any additional needs you may have.
  3. Please pay close attention to these next instructions once you get to the page where everyone registers.
    • When you get to the section "Select Which of the Following You Are", select "Sponsor"
    • Next you will see an area to enter a PROMO Code which needs to be added to continue. This code can only be obtained by calling the Conference Director, Suzanne Stantley at 773-885-0693 or by emailing her at  Once you receive the code, enter it into the PROMO Code section, hit the "Apply" button (THIS IS A MUST) and then you can complete the registration.  Sorry for this inconvenience, but it is imprudent to print these codes where any one can see them.
Payment Instructions for Continental Breakfast Sponsor or Conference Bag Supporters
Using the Cart.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Conference Bag Supporter which will open up the drop down.  From there you make your selection. There are only two options provided which can be paid online.  Higher level Sponsorship are typically paid through company check.  However, if you are a higher-level sponsor and would like to pay through PayPal, please call the Conference Director, Suzanne Stantley at 773-885-0693 or email her at to get instructions on how to do so.
You can also add additional meal packages to your order for other members of your team. 
If you are selecting multiple items, select the 1st item and add it to the cart.  The PayPal page will open in another window.  Then return to this window and add the next item and add it to the cart.  Once you've added all items to the cart, you can check out.  
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