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Charles Thomas.

Retired ABC7 Political Reporter


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Charles Thomas spent the last 25 years of his 47 years as a professional journalist as political reporter at Chicago's number one-rated WLS-TV, ABC7 Chicago.


His "beats" included Chicago city hall and the state capitol as well as the national government in Washington, D.C..


Mr. Thomas graduated from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism (BJ ’73) after which he began his nearly half-century career that has based him in Kansas City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Chicago.

He arrived in Chicago during the 1980’s to work as a National Correspondent for ABC News' Midwest Bureaus.   He has traveled to 49 of the 50 states and authored reports with datelines on five of the planet’s seven continents.


There are far too many stories to list here but among the highlights: National political conventions from 1976 through 2016, the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident, the Mt. St. Helen’s volcanic eruption, major airplane crashes, earthquakes, a half dozen hurricanes and other natural disasters. 

Charles was on the scene of the 1985 MOVE confrontation in Philadelphia, revolution in Central America, the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, the “Rodney King" riot in Los Angeles as well as both OJ Simpson trials.  

Overseas, Mr. Thomas has corresponded from the Vatican, coveredthe  fall of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe and accompanied then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama to his family’s ancestral village in Kenya.


In the two and a half years since his retirement from ABC7, Charles has become a self-confessed "news junkie" who accepts invitations to share his observations and analysis of developments in media and politics.


Charles and wife Mary have two sons and a daughter who have gifted the couple with seven grandchildren.  They reside in Chicago.  

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